16980086900_f8ccd4934c_kPatti and Sandra recently returned from co-hosting a retreat in the absolutely stunning location of Bali, Indonesia. To say it was a transformational journey for all who experienced it would be an understatement. A passion for travel and a love of living and teaching a holistic lifestyle through the practice of Yoga has inspired them to continue to create transformational retreats for people all over the world.

Sandra Smith is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Like many, yoga began as a pathway of healing.  In 2008, after suffering from a running injury she unlaced the runners and took the next steps of her journey with bare feet, straight onto a yoga mat.  She had heard about the many benefits of yoga and thought that her practice would only be for a short period of time.

Six years later and counting her barefooted journey continues, practicing and living her yoga both on and off the mat.  Through the practice of yoga, she learned to slow down and to be present, leading her to find true happiness from within.

She teaches as a way of paying it forward. Creating and holding a warm, welcoming and inclusive space for all, from beginners, anyone working with injuries, to the practiced yogi. In her classes expect to move, breathe, to be challenged and encouraged and to walk away feeling relaxed and inspired.

sandra 1

Patti Gough is passionate about travel – inspiring and supporting you, while together she helps you create the travel experiences of your dreams. With 30 years dedicated to the customer service industry, every interaction with you will be grounded in her personalized, above and beyond service philosophy.
In the past couple of years she has been consciously living her dreams; teaching overseas, traveling, and starting her own business. She thrives on learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges every day.
She looks forward to being inspired by your dreams and helping you create the perfect journey.


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